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This is a true breakthrough in losing weight. Its full potential is just now being realized.

Not only will you lose weight but you will enjoy a healthier lifestyle that leads to improved overall well-being.

And the best part is – It’s Easy!

Are you like millions of others that have tried one weight loss plan after another and never quite made the progress that you wanted?

Are you ready to CHANGE that once and for all?

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet will allow you to enjoy the foods you love as you melt the pounds away!

Sound too good to be true – KEEP READING!

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet is based on proven concepts that work.

You won’t have to count calories, you don’t have to join a gym or get up at 5am to jog before starting your day, and you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. You will never be hungry so you will never have to deal with the fatigue and frustrations that most weight loss plans force you to endure.

If your goal is to develop healthy eating habits that result in a shapelier and slimmer you, then you’ve found the solution! Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet was created with people like you in mind.

This HEALTHY way of EATING is an amazingly simple way

to shed the pounds away without ‘working’ at it.

The Diva’s Diet is the key to losing weight the EASY WAY!

You can continue eating all the foods you like –

you never have to deprive yourself.

With Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet you will learn about ways to speed up your metabolism and how to detoxify your body naturally. You’ll also learn about how short bursts of exercise can result in your body working to melt pounds away for hours. But that’s just the beginning!

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet is a 30 day plan that takes you day-by-day into a healthier lifestyle. Each day you will learn something new and build on what you are already doing to eat right.

Every day you will get new diet information that will make peeling those pounds away even easier. And each day you will get a word of inspiration to keep you motivated and encouraged.

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet is about long-term results. This is not the kind of diet that you use for a short period of time and forget, only to see the pounds that you lost come back and bring friends with them!

This 30 plan is the beginning of what will be a lifelong journey – in this 30 day period you will build a solid foundation for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that will end dieting forever.

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet is not your typical diet!

Typical diets are not healthy and they are hard to stick with.

Some diets require that you  eat specific foods and eliminate others.

Some diets work by restricting your food consumption, which results in feelings of hunger, headaches, frustration and fatigue.

And other diets require that you buy and eat a special brand of foods that is ultimately expensive and usually less than tasty.

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet Is Different!

Eat Your Favorite Foods!

With Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet you do not have to totally eliminate ANY food. You learn that depriving yourself can result in overeating later.

With Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet you will never go hungry. You will learn the 3 simple questions to ask yourself before you eat.

And with Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet you can eat out at restaurants, buy foods from the deli, even eat fast food, and you will still lose weight.

This is truly a NO DIET-DIET!

Think About It…..

  • Eat the foods you love and enjoy

  • Eat when you are hungry


  • Watch the pounds melt away

You Will Never Again Have To Deal With

  • Typical Diets

  • Feeling Hungry

  • Eating Pre-Packaged Diet Foods

  • Attending Meetings

  • Embarrassing Weigh-Ins

  • Risky Diet Pills

  • Drinking Special Shakes

  • Eating Special Foods

  • Joining Weight Loss Programs

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet will allow you to lose the weight you want and get in shape the HEALTHY WAY.

IMAGINE – Just 30 Days To A Healthy Way Of Eating That Allows You To Literally Watch The Pounds Melt Away!

  • You’ll learn more about yourself and your body

  • You’ll lose weight and tone up as your body slims down

  • Your confidence will soar

  • You’ll feel empowered

  • You’ll have more energy

  • You’ll look great and feel sexy

  • Your clothes will look great on you

  • Your self esteem will get a boost

  • Your self-pride will be apparent to others

  • You’ll eat your favorite foods and enjoy eating out

  • And all the while you will continue to lose weight and look great!

Whether your goal is simply to learn about healthy eating habits

or you want to lose 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 pounds or more,

Pounds Away – The Diva’s Diet is your solution –

Only $21.95!


Each day you will learn something new and helpful to keep you moving forward in the right direction. And each day you will read an inspiring and motivational quote from someone that has achieved success.

Here’s What You Will Cover During The 30 Day Plan:

1 – Learning about you
2 – Taking away the negative
3 – Adding the healthy
4 – Continue – Assess – And Improve
5 – The importance of water
6 – Metabolism
7 – Healthy snacks & eating when you’re hungry
8 – The snowball effect
9 – Just 5 minutes
10 – Eating right to be shapely and fit
11 – Detoxification the natural way
12 – Red meat
13 – How many calories
14 – Review and continue
15 – Emotional eating and comfort foods
16 – The types of vegetarians
17 – Adding 10 amazing minutes
18 – Sodium
19 – Vitamins & minerals
20 – Eat out & lose weight
21 – Review and celebrate
22 – About food labels
23 – Add or subtract
24 – Weight versus measurements
25 – Five more
26 – Supplements, diet aids, fad diets, or not
27 – About cholesterol
28 – What about white
29 – Dressing for maximum impact
30 – You made it!

You Will Also Receive 3 Bonus Ebooks Absolutely FREE!

Bonus #1

Boost Your MetabolismBoost Your Metabolism

This ebook will teach you about how metabolism works and ways to speed it up, making it work overtime for you! That results in quick and easy weight loss.

Cardio Exercise EquipmentBonus #2

Cardio Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can be expensive, but is it worth it? This ebook will provide guidance about choosing your cardio equipment in order to get the most benefits and savings.


Bonus #3


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you have already lost it, looking good adds to you feeling good about yourself. Every diva likes to look good and this ebook covers fashion tips and ideas that can help you look your best even when you feel your worst!

That’s a total of 4 ebooks for the low price of $21.95!

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